Best Sex Positions: Doggy Style

The doggy style position is considered one of the most versatile sex positions that any guy can try. It also puts him in the position of power. In the doggy position, the woman can only thrust her hips back and forth while the man sets the rhythm.

Do most women resent the lack of control during sex? More often than not, the women don’t mind. And it’s because the pleasure of penetration is more intense in the doggy style position and its variations than any of the other sex positions.

Benefits Of The Doggy Style Sex Position

It’s versatile. The doggy style sex position affords you the power of moving any way you want and keeps your hands free to do whatever makes sex more pleasurable for you and your partner.

The ultimate position for sexual submission. If you like to maintain control of the rhythm and the depth of thrusting, the doggy style sex position is perfect for you. You can thrust in and out while holding her arms so that you really have total control of the movements. You can lean down and use your hands to fondle her clitoris without missing a beat, rhythm-wise. You can wrap your arms around her back and lick her nape all you want.

You can practice mild S&M in the doggy style sex position. You know, spanking and hair pulling. Some sex positions are more romantic than really hard core erotic, which makes the doggy style the best position for light sado-maso play. You can spank her lightly as you thrust harder, or you can pull on her hair rather than her shoulders when you want her to stay upright while you do her from behind.

Intense g-spot orgasms. Women go wild when in the doggy style position because the infamous g spot is directly stimulated by the curves along the underside of your penis. Especially if your angle is good, you can give her a g spot massage and subsequently induce a series of intense multiple orgasms with not much effort.

Disadvantages Of The Doggy Style Sex Position

More erotic than romantic. Women like pleasure but some can only feel pleasure through sex if the sex is romantic. Admittedly, the doggy position is the least romantic of all the sex positions because of the lack of face to face interaction.

It’s difficult to touch her clitoris if she doesn’t want to do it herself. Ideally, a woman should be the one touching her clitoris during doggy style, but some women have trouble balancing with one hand if they use the other to fondle the clitoris. The direct g-spot contact may be able to replace the clitoral touching, sensation-wise, but most women cannot climax if clitoris touching isn’t involved.

You cannot see her facial expression during sex. Part of what makes sex pleasurable is seeing a girl’s expression change during thrusting and when you do something different. A woman’s face when she’s in the throes of orgasm is a sight to behold. For you to see her in that state during doggy, you may have to use a mirror.

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Female Orgasm – Squirting 101

The ability to squirt during orgasm is perhaps one of the more elusive and taboo parts of a woman’s anatomy. Squirting can be a huge turn on for guys and it can intensify an orgasm for a woman ten fold. Many people believe that squirting isn’t something women can do at all, but in recent years it has been proven that women can indeed squirt. So what is squirting anyways?

What Is Squirting?

Squirting for women is much like ejaculating is for a man. All women have a functioning prostate gland that starts producing fluid when a girl begins to go through puberty. This fluid is what is ejaculated from the vulva when a woman “squirts.” It does not come from the vagina nor does it come from the urethra, where urine is expelled. It comes from its very own special gland called the Skene’s gland. This gland is present in all women and its sole function is to serve as an exit for a woman’s prostate fluid. However, not all women can or will squirt during their lifetimes!

What Is The Fluid Made Of?

The fluid a woman ejaculates when she squirts is a clear, very thin and watery fluid. It can sometimes be milky in color, and posseses its very own odor. It does not contain any sperm, but it does contain higher levels of glucose and enzymes that are similar to male semen. Many people who were or are skeptical about a woman’s ability to squirt have said that the fluid ejaculated during orgasm is simply urine, but this has been scientifically disproved. A woman may feel like she is about to urinate when she is getting ready to squirt, but true squirting consists only of this special fluid from the prostate gland. Female ejaculate is also separate from the fluid the vagina naturally makes during sexual arousal. The fluid made by the vagina during sexual arousal is often thicker and more sticky, while female ejaculate is more of a transparent type liquid.

Stimulating The G-Spot

To make a woman squirt, it requires intense g-spot stimulation. Use very firm pressure! A woman will not squirt if not enough pressure is used. However, it is important that a woman be relaxed and extremely turned on before attempting to make her squirt. For a woman to squirt, she must be comfortable enough to completely let go, because if any part of her is holding back, she’s not going to be able to squirt. Starting with firm pressure isn’t going to do anything but make her uncomfortable. Get her very wet and very turned on before you begin stimulating her g-spot and prostate gland. Stimulate her labia, her vagina and her clitoris first, or at the same time that you stimulate her g-spot. Have patience, because it will usually take a few to several tries before squirting is actually acheived.

There is nothing wrong or abnormal about female ejaculation – in fact, quite the opposite! Squirting can deeply enhance a woman’s orgasms and spice up a couple’s sex life tremendously. Every woman can learn how to squirt – she just has to learn to let go!

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4 Ways To Make Sex Better With Her

Even bringing up the fact that your girl needs to be better at sex can begin a downward spiral in every relationship. Whether your girl is terrible at giving blow jobs, kissing or she simply can’t get the rhythms right while on top, telling her outright that she needs to work on her sexual repertoire is probably not the best approach. Many guys go through long-term relationships without ever bringing up the fact that their girlfriends or wives are awful at sex. This can lead to resentment and in extreme cases, cheating. So, if your girlfriend or wife is not that great in bed, there are a few things that you can do.

Here are some suggestions to help your girl to be better at sex.

Bring Porn Into The Bedroom

Whether you want to admit it or not, porn is one of the best teachers for sex. It doesn’t matter if you watch lesbian, straight or crazy BDSM porn, you can learn something from every film you watch. If your girl is against porn then you might want to move onto a different method, but this is excellent for showing her how to really have sex.

Porn is a great inspiration because it shows everybody different positions and different situation –such as role-playing to use in their own sex lives. If you have a girlfriend or wife that is not against porn, find out what kind of porn she likes. It’s going to be easier to get her to pay attention to the video when it’s the kind of porn that turns her on.

Tell Her What You Like

If your girl is not that great at sex, consider telling her what you like. It might not be that she is actually bad at sex, but that she is under that impression that you like something more than you actually do. For instance, she might think that your favorite sex position is doggy style while you actually like girl on top more. So many couples have gone years without knowing what their partners like. Remember that communication is the number one tool to having a healthy relationship and this extends to the bedroom also. Don’t waste anymore time than you have to with communication. Talk to her open and honestly about what you like and you will find that your sex life is going to improve immensely.

Use Positive Reinforcement During Sex

If it worked for Pavlov then it’s going to work for you too. No woman wants to be bad at sex and no woman is actively trying to have bad sex with her partner. She wants to be good at sex. She wants to be the best you have ever had just like you want to be the best that she has ever had. Use positive reinforcement to make her feel good when she is doing something that you like.

Telling a girl “You look so hot right now” is going to make her want to continue. Telling a girl “You’re doing it all wrong” is not going to do anything. Be positive with your partner and she’s going to want the praise. Every woman craves being praised by her partner and you can turn your stale sex life into magic with just a few key phrases during sex. Don’t expect her to become some sort of porn start right of the bat. This is going to take some time, but it definitely works.

Focus On Other Aspects Of The Relationship

Sex is only one aspect of a relationship. Working on the foundation of the relationship can be one of the biggest triggers to a better sex life. Men think like men. We ask, “why doesn’t she have the sex drive that I do” or “why doesn’t she want to experiment the way that I do?” Women aren’t obsessed with sex the way that men are and women do not define the relationship based on how great the sex is the way that men do.

If you want your girlfriend or wife to be better at sex, you have to work on the relationship in other ways.  Women value emotional aspects of the relationship much more than the physical aspects. Do something nice for her without being asked. Take her out for dinner on a random night. Work on the relationship from the outside in and you will find that she is much more responsive to your physical needs.

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Top 10 Best Places To Have Sex Around The House

Sex doesn’t always have to be in the bedroom. In fact, it can be much more fun to discover other locations to go to have sex with your lover. But imagine if you could have tons of different areas to play in without ever leaving the house? You never knew how much fun sex with your significant other could be until you’ve ventured outside the bedroom….to the hall, the bathroom, and even outside! Check out these ten places that will have you wanting more.

In The Swimming Pool

Getting busy in the water is super hot, but sometimes you can’t always get comfortable during shower sex – and if privacy is one of your things, doing it at the lake just isn’t going to float your boat. The swimming pool makes an excellent compromise, because you can enjoy the feel of your lover’s body in the water without leaving the comfort and privacy of your home.

In A Tent In The Backyard

Real camping is rarely convenient (and often dirty), but it can lead to some super steamy sex. You don’t have to miss out on the amazing sex that can happen when you’re camping – just take a romantic, sexy camping trip in your own backyard instead. It’s easy to set up and you’re never very far from the bathroom. Up the romance factor by laying out under the stars with your partner or cuddling with them near a fire – and then watch your sex life heat up too.

On The Dining Room Table

The dining room table is such an unexpected place to have sex, it can be a total thrill to abandon all your whims and just do it right then and there. If you don’t want to do it on the table, try having sex underneath it. This is a great place to act out any domination or roleplay fantasies, because often the idea of doing it on or under the dining room table where people eat is a huge turn-on.

In A Game Room On A Beanbag Chair

With a beanbag chair, you and your partner can get into a variety of different sex positions – even ones that you normally can’t do when you’re just having sex in the bed. Use the beanbag chair to prop your bodies up in different ways to make awkward positions more comfortable, or just use the chair to help you achieve different angles with your favorite sex positions. Just be careful not to pop the chair, because cleanup can be a mess!

On The Front Porch Swing

Use the rocking motion of a porch swing to make sex with your lover even better. The added motion can help you have better orgasms, and you won’t get as tired during thrusting because the swing will be doing a lot of the work for you. If you don’t have a private front yard, consider a swing in the backyard.

In The Kitchen On A Barstool

Standing sex positions can be great for g-spot stimulation, however, many men aren’t able to hold their partners up for an extended period of time (while thrusting no less) and some men aren’t able to do it at all. However, using a barstool in the kitchen is a great way to try out a standing position without breaking your back.

In Your Home Office On The Desk

You’ve seen the television shows and movies that show two co-workers throwing everything off the desk so they can have sex on top of it, right then and there. Indulge in a “need you right now” feeling and do this in your own home office. Your partner will be incredibly surprised – and very turned on – to say the least.

In Your Guest Room On The Pull Out Couch

Who hasn’t done it in their own guest room? Have some really fun, kinky sex on the pull out couch or the bed in your guest room and enjoy the fact that your guests will never know what really went on in there – and how much fun it was!

In The Coat Closet

This is a great place to sneak away and have a quickie if you and your lover have children and need to get away for just a few minutes. This is also an awesome hideaway if you’re having a party or have guests at your house and want to enjoy each other in secret. There’s just something naughty yet exciting about doing it in the coat closet!

In The Laundry Room On Top Of The Washing Machine While It’s Running

This really is the best place around the house to have sex. It combines a standing sex position with an exciting new venue to get it on in, along with powerful vibrations that will rival any sex toy. Next time you’re feeling really wild, throw a load of clothes in the wash. You’ll never look at “doing laundry” the same way again.

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4 Sizzling Sex Games To Try Tonight

Whether your sex life is a bit duller than it used to be or you want to make a hot sex life even more scorching, adding sex games to your sexual repertoire can really make things sizzle in the bedroom. Whether you’re playing strip poker or a fun, creative game called “Hands Off,” you and you’re definitely going to be taking things to the next level. Here are 4 sex games to try tonight!

Naked Twister

The classic game of Twister has always had hidden sexual connotations that teenage boys and girls have giggled about for years. Many boys have suffered from blue balls as a result of this game! Now it’s time to capitalize on Twister’s body bending fun for some carnal pleasure. Twister is an inexpensive game that can be purchased at just about any superstore or department store and only contains two pieces – a spinner and a mat with different colored dots on it. As you’re probably already aware, the object of the game for each person to spin the spinner and place their hands or feet on the corresponding colored dots. The fun part is getting all tangled up and of course the first one to fall loses! Make this game super sexy by stripping down to your skivvies (or nothing at all) and playing the game totally naked. The object of the game is the same, but you’ll probably end up bumping uglies – or giving him a twisted blowjob – right there on the Twister mat before the game is even over.

Truth Or Dare

You probably played this game when you were a teenager too, but you can add an adult twist to it to make it more suitable for bedroom activites. Take turns asking each other to choose “Truth” or “Dare.” Truth questions should be more like “what-if” scenarios or “how-would-you” type questions that are related to sex. Do not ask questions like, “how many sex partners have you had” or “what’s the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done” because you may not want to hear the answer to the former and if the latter wasn’t with you, it can definitely create an awkward situation. Dares, of course, can be a lot more fun. You can dare your partner to do something they’ve never tried before but you’ve really been wanting to try with them. Dare them to try using an anal sex toy, or challenge them to give you a blended orgasm.

“Hands Off”

This creative sex game doesn’t involve purchasing anything at all and you can try it tonight – or right now if you like! This game is super fun because both partners are going to get something out of it – most likely a body rocking orgasm! Start with some foreplay, like giving each other oral sex, and move on to the real deal when you’re hot, wet and ready. The trick to this sex game is that you can never use your hands. Neither you nor your partner can use your hands during foreplay or sex, meaning you can’t finger her while going down on her nor can she grasp your hips while you’re penetrating her. The first person to accidentally use their hands loses – and the winner gets a sexual favor of their choice. This is a game that could go on all night!

Strip Poker

Strip poker has been a classic party game for years, but you can turn it into an intimate affair by playing strip poker with your partner. This game is especially effective if you’re trying to teach your partner how to play poker, because the incentive to win is definitely there. You can play different varieties of poker also, for example, if you prefer to play Texas Hold ‘Em, you can play that instead of the regular Five Card Draw. The object of this sex game is easy – for each hand that is lost, the loser removes one article of clothing. This can be your shirt, your bra or even a hairtie or a sock. The more items you have to remove, the longer the game will last. After stripping and getting totally naked, you can turn the heat up a notch by playing for sexual favors instead of clothes. Bet a handjob or see her handjob and raise her a make out session. The ideas here are limitless, as long as you know how to use your sexual creativity! The idea behind sex games is to let yourself go and try new things!

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4 Red Hot Hotel Sex Fantasies That Will Re-Ignite Your Sex Life!

Hotel sex is always on fire! There’s just something about hotel sex that makes it hotter, naughtier and leaves you gasping for breath – a certain je ne sais quois. If sex with your lover has become boring and unfulfilling (for either of you), head to your nearest lodge to act out these incredibly juicy hotel sex fantasies tonight!

Honeymoon Sex

Imagine how great the sex was on your honeymoon. Wasn’t it fantastic? Re-create that by booking a room (preferably the honeymoon suite or similar) in a nice hotel in your town. Here are some great tips on how to bring the “honeymoon sex” fantasy alive.

  • Make sure the room has a Jacuzzi and have some nice bubble bath or salts on hand.
  • Have champagne and strawberries ready. Chill the champagne in a silver ice bucket. Sure, it seems cheesy and a little cliché, but this will really bring that “honeymoon romance” feeling out in you and your lover.
  • Engage in lots of foreplay. Take it slow and really savor the experience. Pretend you are on your honeymoon and it’s the first time you’ve had sex – enjoy every touch and every sensation.

Dirty, Raunchy Sex

For this hotel sex fantasy, you’re going to want to book a room in a seedier motel-style place. Of course, make sure it’s a fairly clean and safe facility (you don’t have to get that deep into the fantasy).

  • Dress for the occasion. Have your lover dress a little more provocatively than usual.
  • Book the room during the day and arrive separately. Make it feel a little more “naughty” by pretending you’re having an affair or that one partner is an “escort.”
  • You can really bring this fantasy to life by your attitude and with certain sex positions. Feel free to be a little rougher during sex, or to use the doggy style sex position.

Business Meeting Sex

Hotel sex often happens when one partner is away on business – and unfortunately, this often happens as affairs. Still, the sex is almost always incredibly intense! Forget the affair and re-enact this type of hotel sex with your partner. Here’s how:

  • Guys, you’re going to want to head to the hotel first, perhaps after dinner. If you can, try to plan it on a night where you actually have some kind of business engagement, such as a company party or dinner.
  • Ladies, you will arrive later, perhaps after a naughty phone call or a dirty text.
  • Draw the blinds. Make it seem as though you’re not supposed to be seen doing what you’re doing!
  • Ladies, if your men travel a lot for work, think about a way to surprise him at the hotel he’s staying at. It may or may not be possible, but if it is, you could surprise him when he finally heads back to his hotel after his business meetings wearing something super sexy!

Hotel Maid Sex

Another way to have really hot hotel sex is to explore the “maid” sex fantasy. This is easy enough to do, but does require a maid costume of some kind if you really want it to be effective.

  • Call your partner for “maid service” after you’ve checked into the room. They have to be in on it though, or you might end up offending them!
  • Ladies, don the maid costume under a trench coat and head to the hotel room. Knock, knock. “Housekeeping!”
  • Play out your maid fantasies together, getting as involved as you want.
  • If you want to keep the role play going, let her leave before he does. The exhilaration of a naughty maid meet up can be super exciting for a woman, and letting her go home alone will give her time to reflect on how hot what happened was. Later, snuggle up to her in bed and kiss her sweetly, letting her know how great you thought it was and how much you love her (this also works really well with the dirty, raunchy sex fantasy).

Whatever it is that makes hotel sex so much better than regular sex at your house – whether it’s the excitement of doing it somewhere else or living out a business affair, prostitute or maid sex fantasy – try to harness that and use it to make the mood come alive. Let yourself go and really get into it. Don’t worry about what your partner will think – chances are, if you’re really into it and put some good effort in setting the stage and the mood, they’ll be responsive and get into it as much as you do. Relaxing and having fun are keys to making hotel sex fantasies work!

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5 Hot Sex Moves (For Bad Girls ONLY!)

Hot sex is created only when you’re willing to get a little naughty. If you want to be BAD, check out these hot sex suggestions – they’re on FIRE!

The common saying “a lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets” is the kind of woman that every man is after. He wants someone with that wholesome exterior so he can take her home to mom and get the seal of approval. However, once mommy is out of the equation, he wants that same woman to be able to turn it on in the bedroom and give him pleasure so good, it should be illegal.

If you are usually the good girl in all dimensions of your relationship, including bedroom play, have you ever thought of kicking things up a notch? Wouldn’t you like to be bad? Every woman likes a bad boy, so doesn’t every woman want to be a bad girl? If you are going to go ahead with reading then you better be prepared to be bad.

During sex and when you are feeling extra naughty, there are five hot sex tricks that will easily send your man over the edge. If you thought you were able to give him an explosive orgasm before, wait until you unleash these tips on him.

1. Scratching

When your man is on top of you in the missionary position, a good girl might lie there and take it, caressing his back occasionally and not doing much else. If a bad girl is getting it in the missionary position, she is going to use her free hands to her advantage. Men like it rough because men are built tough. They can handle a little pain and it usually translates into pleasure. To be bad during hot sex, use those nails and scratch him down his back. The pain will transfer into a tingly sensation down his entire back, sending chills throughout his whole body, making him way harder inside of you.

2. Biting

The same goes for using your teeth in the bedroom. Of course, you don’t want to take things too far and draw blood but a little nibble is always appreciated. Biting on his ear lobe while moaning into it will give him that little boost of pleasure and pain. Biting on his bottom lip after kissing him passionately will give him that same feeling. If you think we can handle it, take things a step further and bite his nipples slightly. A man’s nipples are actually more sensitive than a woman’s so do be careful but still be bad.

3. Light Choking

While you are on top, riding your man in the cowgirl position and after you scratch him with your nails, move your hands up to his neck and choke him a little. Now, be careful with this because you don’t want to take it too far. You only want to give him that little sense of “I am in control” and that he is helpless beneath you. You don’t want to obstruct his breathing so lightly wrap your fingers around his neck and gently squeeze. Even if it is a small sensation for him, he will totally think it’s hot and kinky. Bonus!

4. Work Your Hips

When good girls have sex, they don’t get into that deep grind and really give it to their men. If you are going to hone in on your inner bad girl, then you need to work those hips. While on top, good girls will lightly bounce up and down, putting on a show more than feeling pleasure. Good girls will do what they think benefits their man more. Bad girls are the opposite. Bad girls are going to do everything they can to make sure THEY have an orgasm. When you are on top, learn to move your hips in a different motion. Get on top of him and grind on him in deep, sensual circles. You will know it is working and that you are taking your sex level to a whole new level by the look on his face.

5. Expose Yourself

Good girls tend to hide themselves in the bedroom but bad girls are so carefree and they want to be seen. Have hot sex with the lights on or in a nicely lit room. Let your man see all of you and that means ALL of you. Let him take you from behind, spread your cheeks and see everything. Men are visual and they need to have that stimulation. If you give it to him in this sense, you will be surprised to see just how fast he ejaculates. Seeing what is going on makes all the difference to him. Put your shyness away because you are a bad girl now.

Now, get on with your bad self and show your man a whole new side of you tonight. That is, if you dare.

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What She Really Thinks About Your Big Penis

A big penis is something to be congratulated on, right? Being well endowed is what every guy wishes for – and what every woman supposedly wishes for. But having a huge member isn’t all it’s cracked up to be when you look at it from the female perspective. Here’s what women TRULY think about a big penis.


Yes, having a big penis can come in handy during intercourse because it has the ability to reach and stimulate the g-spot. However, a guy with a smaller member can do that also, if he just knows how to use what he’s got.

So is having sex with a guy that is very large not always good? Sure.

A huge member can cause a woman pain during and after intercourse, and may even cause her to bleed. Special care must be taken when having sex with a guy who has a big penis, so as not to cause pain or discomfort. Although the vagina is made to stretch and accommodate a wide variety of things (think childbirth), so it’s most definitely not impossible for a woman to have sex with a very well endowed guy. But if it’s going to be any good, keep these things in mind:

  • Using lube will help ease you into her vagina more comfortably than without it. Don’t assume that you’ve turned her on enough that she’s so wet she doesn’t need any lube. Use it. Period.
  • Go slow. Give her time to stretch and accommodate your large penis. It’s not going to happen right away.
  • Warm her up first. Give her oral sex. Do what you need to do to get her really, really aroused. When a woman is aroused enough, the vagina can almost double in length, making it much easier and more comfortable to have sex.

Oral Sex

For a woman, giving a guy who has a big penis oral sex can be tough, especially if she’s not skilled at it. She might not know what to do with it since it’s so large, because she probably won’t be able to fit it all in her mouth and unless you’re with a PRO, she’s not going to be able to deep throat it either.

You’ll probably start out with quite a bit of teeth grazing your member, but just gently tell her what doesn’t feel good without criticism. Give her time to get the hang of it.

Encourage her to use her hand at the base of your penis, while she sucks on the head and mid-shaft. This is usually the best way for both you and her to enjoy oral sex if you’re well endowed. Alternatively, you can also stimulate the base of the penis yourself and allow her to concentrate more on sucking and licking the head of your penis. This can be very helpful for a girl who isn’t very skilled at giving a blowjob or isn’t coordinated enough to use her hand and mouth in conjunction with each other to get you off.

Anal Sex

If you have a really, really big penis, anal sex isn’t going to be something you want to try with your girl – or something your girl wants to try with you. At all. Even if she’s had anal sex before, it was most likely either with a smaller guy or a sex toy. The truth is, if you have a huge cock, she’s going to be terrified of the idea of it going up her bum, ’cause even small things can hurt when they go up there.

If you really want to engage in anal play with her, definitely stick to smaller sized sex toys that are specifically made for anal sex.

If you absolutely MUST try anal sex (and she’s on board with the idea), start small and work your way up. DO NOT just thrust your huge member into her! Begin with smaller sex toys and graduate to larger ones as she feels more and more comfortable. This can take several sessions, weeks, months or even longer for her to get to the point where she’s experienced and comfortable enough to consider taking your big penis into her anus.

Give her time! Don’t rush her, because if you do, she’ll probably cross that activity off the list and never revisit the subject again. Play by her rules and you might actually get something out of it. And one last tip for anal sex with a big penis – USE LUBE. A whole bottle. Not even kidding.

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8 Ways To Have “Vacation” Sex – TONIGHT!

Sex is always better when you’re on a trip, right? Why. Several reasons actually – here’s how to re-create super hot vacay sex right now!

Clean Up The Bedroom – Or The Whole House

Hotels and vacation resorts are almost always clean – at least, cleaner than your house after the kids have ran through it. Stepping into a perfectly clean hotel room at the start of your vacation is always relaxing, and sets the mood for great nookie later. After all, it is hard to have erotic foreplay when someone steps on a Barbie.

Bring that feeling to your house by giving it a really good clean while your spouse is away at work. (Of course, it’s a lot of trouble taking off work yourself, but you take time off work for a vacation, don’t you?) When your lover walks in, it should look and smell clean and completely different than when they left. They’ll be amazed – and so glad that they don’t have to do it that they’ll be game for almost anything.

Wash The Sheets And Towels

Yes, this probably should go under “cleaning up.” However, washing the sheets (heck, even springing for new sheets if you’ve got the cash) and towels is so important that it deserves its own section. One of the reasons that hotel sex is so great is that the bed is clean – that is, if you’re in a good hotel. They smell clean, and the next day, they’re clean again. And again. No matter how many times you have sex in the bed, the sheets are always clean when you get in! That’s actually really erotic for a woman.

Eat At A Nice Restaurant First (Or Order In)

Think about what you do to eat on vacation that is different from how you eat at home. Are you always ordering out at home? Then dress up and go out for a nice meal at a romantic, sit down restaurant. Are you always going out to eat at home or cooking and cleaning up a huge mess in the kitchen? Order in. Do you go out on vacation but not at home? Go out. You get the picture.

Food is very sensual and plays a big part in the seduction process, especially if it’s really delicious and you get to enjoy it slowly, perhaps with your favorite drink. That is often what makes vacations so great is that there will usually be some new and exciting dining experiences. Plan a new and exciting dining experience at home, and you’re well on your way to re-creating the sexual magic.

Serve Champagne In An Ice Bucket

Room service is incredibly romantic if you can afford it – and a lot of people splurge on room service when they’re on a trip. There’s little more romantic than seeing your partner in a fluffy robe, opening a bottle of champagne and enjoying it. Serve strawberries or chocolate covered strawberries with it for an extra romantic touch.

The point is, you’re doing something that is usually reserved for special occasions, vacations and the like (when the sex is always better). Do you serve champagne in an ice bucket regularly at home? Probably not. If you have kids, Kool-Aid and sweet tea are the house wines.

Romantic Bubble Bath? Yes, Please!

Often, couples will take a romantic bubble bath at a hotel when on a trip, but not at home. Why is that? Is it because the hotel bathtub is a lot bigger? Possibly, but you probably still fit fine in your bathtub at home. Is it because there is new bubble bath in a pristine wrapper on the ledge of the tub just waiting for you to use it? In all actuality, that is very likely.

Splurge a little on a nice bubble bath and don’t open it – just set it on the ledge of the tub. Throw in some rose petals if you want, and bring the ice bucket with champagne over. Enjoy a romantic, sensual bubble bath with your lover at home! Want it to really feel like you’re away? Play some white noise – a fire crackling or the ocean with seagulls in the background. This will make you feel like you’ve been totally transported away! Don’t forget to have a quickie in the shower the next morning!

Do It In The Guest Room

Or anywhere besides your bed, really. If the sheets aren’t washed, or you just want the maximum “vacay” effect, get it on somewhere other than where you usually do – and for most couples, that is the bedroom. The guest bedroom is a great option, because most likely, the sheets in there are already clean.

Being somewhere other than your bed will make you feel like you’re somewhere else entirely – and that’s what turns the heat up! If you don’t have a guest room, there are lots of other great places to have sex in your house – almost anywhere!

Go Tropical – Or A Cozy Winter Theme

When you’re on a trip, the “theme” effect is in full swing. People usually either go to the beach or somewhere cold like a ski resort – and they often either go in the summer or winter to boot. Help recreate the vacation feel by going with a theme. If it’s warm outside, go with a beach theme.

Make margaritas or pina coladas, use coconut scented lotion after a bath and burn a tropical scented candle or incense. If you’re going for a winter theme, hot chocolate next to a fire (or a fake fire set up on your laptop) and cozy cuddling are definitely in order.

Wait, Doesn’t This Sound Like Any Old Regular Date Night?

A lot of this sounds like what you might do for any regular date night. A nice meal, a romantic bubble bath – yes, this all sounds very familiar, doesn’t it? Problem is that a lot of couples wait until they’re on a trip to actually have a date night! They may go six months without ever having a date, until freeing up their workload by going on vacation. That’s when the magic happens.

Instead, free up your workload for a day without planning on a trip. Make reservations at a brand new restaurant that you’ve never tried, and have Grandma babysit the kids. Make time for that date night – real, honest-to-goodness time and the sex will be explosive!

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How To Lick The Clitoris The RIGHT Way

Oral sex on a woman can be tricky, because the clitoris is just so sensitive. Use these simple but effective techniques to lick your girl into an orgasm frenzy!

Why You’re Probably Doing It The WRONG Way

Most women respond well to clitoral stimulation outside the clitoral hood. The clitoris is often much too sensitive to handle direct stimulation. Many guys, however, go gung ho right on her clitoris itself, which can be really uncomfortable!

An outside approach works best – after all, the protection of the clitoral head is exactly what the hood was designed to do. There’s no need to go digging around underneath the clitoral hood with your tongue to find the head – this will only cause extreme discomfort and in some cases, even pain.

Don’t forget, however, that you must also develop a rhythm and keep it, especially close to orgasm. Keeping that in mind, let’s go over some of the correct tongue techniques in more detail.

Sweeping Your Tongue

This move is great! It simply feels wonderful to a woman and should be a staple of any oral sex routine. It is a fairly easy move – position your tongue on either the right or left side of the clitoris and move from side to side as though you were sweeping a floor.


This too is one of the best and most pleasurable clitoral techniques in cunnilingus. You’ll want to use this one a lot, because it can rarely get boring! The technique is somewhat self-explanatory – again, you’ll position your tongue either to the left or right of your partner’s clitoris. You will begin to move your tongue in circles, either in a clockwise or counter-clockwise motion.

This feels excellent when your partner is fairly aroused because it gives the clitoris plenty of stimulation outside the hood where it is well-received, but once your tongue gets to the 6:00 position on the “clock,” she will get a lovely preview of your tongue on her sensitive clitoral head – but not so much that it is uncomfortable.

Light Suction

This is a move that is best performed when your partner is sufficiently aroused. Suction too early in the game may turn her off completely by putting too much pressure on her sensitive parts too soon.

You’ll want to take her clitoris gently into your mouth and lightly suck on it – much as though you were drinking from a straw. Remember; don’t get too rough with this move! This can be easy to do, so it is very important that you pay attention to your partner’s cues and movements. If she seems to be shrinking away before her orgasm, lighten up on the suction or discontinue sucking at all.

Remember Your ABC’s

You might have heard of this oral sex technique before, but then again, you might have not. This may quite possibly be the best technique out there, so listen up!

It may sound funny, but you’ll once again position your tongue (a pointed one works best here) either to the side or at the top of her clitoris and begin using your tongue to draw your ABC’s. Yes, you heard right.

This gives your partner a clitoral sensation similar to that of the circular stroke (most of the movement is performed outside of the clitoral hood while just a few strokes end up contacting the clitoral head itself) and simply feels divine to your partner. But wait a second!

If the sensations are really all that similar to the circular strokes, why even do the ABC strokes at all? Well, there’s the money question. The ABC stroke is as powerful as it is because it gives just the right amount of contact to both the clitoral hood and the clitoral head while mixing things up. You get the best of all the worlds – perfect contact, an excellent rhythm but here’s the rub – no two strokes are exactly the same. The different letters that you’ll be tracing with your tongue allow for enough variation to keep your partner guessing and on the edge – of orgasm! Very few men with sufficiently warmed up partners have made it all the way to the letter Z.

The Messy Eater

This is a tricky one, although it may not sound like it at first.

Basically, this move encompasses all the other techniques (such as tongue circles or gentle vacuum suction) but in somewhat of a “smorgasbord” fashion. You’ll want to use an oral sex position where you cradle both legs in your arms (her thigh will be in the crease of your elbow and your hands should come up around and rest on her hip bones) and…well, dig in!

This is a move where attitude really pays off – you’ve got to act like you’re hungry and you just can’t get enough of it. On the same token, however, you’ve still got to keep in mind that the clitoris is very sensitive and although you may be going at it like you’re at a pie-eating contest, you don’t want to go caveman on her and rough her up. Keeping a balance between the two is really what makes this move worthwhile.

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